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The FINNLO brand offers high-quality cardio equipment and strength-training stations as well as accessories. It has the right elliptical trainers, ergometers, hometrainers, treadmills and rowing machines for everyone. For weight lifting, AUTARK strength-training stations set themselves apart with their function and workmanship.

FINNLO works with the latest fitness ideas and technologies. For instance, BIO FORCE multi gym use nitrogen-filled cylinders instead of conventional weights to generate resistance. They are extremely quiet, provide uniform resistance and are much lighter than iron weights.


FINNLO MAXIMUM is a hotel-quality line of fitness equipment. The line's cardio and strength-training equipment features first class workmanship and highly functional designs, making them not only the right choice for semi-professional athletes, but also the last word in home fitness training.

FINNLO MAXIMUM combines professional-grade functions with the latest technology. For instance, many cardio equipment models have an integrated generator supplying their electromagnetic brake, display and fan with internally generated power during exercise. This allows the user to work out anywhere, independently of batteries and power sources.

The FINNLO brand is the flagship of the HAMMER SPORT AG family of brands. Through absolute dedication and having the highest standards for quality, technology and design as well as an intelligent and structured distribution concept, FINNLO products have become Europe's recognized premium fitness articles.


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The FINNLO lazy bear (Ursus Sofaflaezus)

Finnlo Faulbär

Habitat: Worldwide. Everywhere humans are present. This species is found primarily on couches, beds, chairs and in the vicinity of well stocked refrigerators. It has a symbiotic relationship with humans. It lives in nearly everyone, often going undetected for years and usually cohabitates with its relative the inner couch potato (Lupus Jetzt Nicht), which keeps humans from pursuing athletic activity.


The lazy bear has a very charming presence and knows how to conceal itself effectively. He often transforms those who do not combat him into fat, unathletic sponges with high blood pressure. While it is impossible to eradicate him, he must at least be combatted.

Finnlo Faulbär