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Efficiency, Superior Design and Premium FINNLO-Maximum-quality!
Perfect free weight training! As part of the Finnlo Maximum-M-Series the Multi Gym M1 represents excellent Studio-Workout conditions at home. The M1 "studio" tower offers over 50 professional-grade exercises at six individual pull points, which usually can only be found at professional fitness studios.

Muscular inbalances are now a thing of the past. The FINNLO MAXIMUM M1 Multigym was developed by professional fitness trainers considering the most important biomechanic principles and the best physiological body positions. The independent cable routing allows a particularly efficient workout and is easy on the joints. Virtually unlimited number of exercises, high-class finish, high resilience, perfect tension balance, as well as a modern purist design leaves no margin for compromise. The exceptional space forward design allows a placement even in small rooms.
The FINNLO MAXIMUM M1 Multigym offers variety of professional exercises on fitness studio level for chest, shoulder, abdominal/back, arms and legs.

Summary of most important product information:

A) Exercising

  • High efficiency through free-weighted pulley exercises
  • Functional training, that stresses more muscle groups at the same time
  • Quick and easy adjustment in between the exercises, so called "Super Sets" …..Efficient workout and simultaneously time saving
  • Compensation of muscular inbalances
  • Sport specific exercises like Golf swing are possible

B) Technology

  • Vario seat allows for seated and lying-down exercises
  • Space forward design makes the M1 perfect for any corner in your home
  • Stable 5 point floor contact with adjustable rear feet that levels out for uneven floors
  • Backrest adjustable 9 times up to 90 degree
  • Rotatable swivel-joint up to 160 degree at high, mid and low pulleys provide unlimited number of cable exercises
  • A high class powder coated finish makes this appliance almost indestructible
  • Precision ball bearings for smooth, steady as well as quite motion sequence
  • Cable length up to 220 cm (extendible for functional training capabilities)


  • 2 pairs of D Handles
  • 1 pair of Multi-Ring Handles
  • Ankle Strap

Exclusive Exercise Highlights

  • Different variations of flat- and incline bench training
  • Isolated seated Biceps curls
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Butterfly upright
  • Shoulder press exercises
  • Ab-/ Adductors

Technical details

Label Finnlo Maximum by HAMMER
Features / Additional Equipment Professional „studio“ training tower for the home with 40+ exercises for all major muscle groups
Resistance provided by weight stacks (80 kg + the option to upgrade by 22,5 kg additional plates)
Cable length up to 220 cm
Bench and backrest adjustable
Robust frame construction made out of round-bar steel
Cable pulleys equipped with ball bearings for smooth and jerk-free training
Weight block 75 kg
Additional weights inclusive
Max. resistance 102,5 kg (incl. optional weights)
Upgradable with additional weights
Multiple adjustable back rest 9-fold
Seat adjustable 2-fold
Bench press
Biceps curl
Reversed leg raises
Leg curl
Leg raise
Abdominal pull
Back pull
Neck press
Lat pull
Sidewise tensile
Leg press
Triceps rope
Training possibilities Bench press, butterfly, neck press, bizeps curl, lat pull-downs, rowing, crunches, triceps presses and pull-downs, deadlift, front lifting and pulling, shoulder press, lateral raises, torso rotation, squats, hip flexor, and lots more!
Weight 188 kg
Color black/silver
Max. body weight 130 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 163 x 105 x 213 cm (space required: 205 x 160 x 213 cm)
Delivery time 6-8 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please enter your telephone number with your order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery appointment with you)

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