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Testimonials & FINNLO

Allan Ray

"I love dumbbells! The SmartLock dumbbells from FINNLO MAXIMUM are super cool, they replace a full range of different dumbbells. Up to 25 kg per dumbbell makes training very effective!"

Allan Ray (born on 17th of June, 1984) is a former American NBA-Basketball player. Since 2012 he is under contract to the premier division Basketball team of ratiopharm Ulm. The Shooting Guard wearing number 14 soon became the fan´s favorite player. Among his recognized strengths is the perimeter shot and the creation of own throwing techniques.

Finnlo Allan Ray

Philipp Schwethelm

"I train very effectively arms, chest and shoulders with the Multi-Gym FT1 from FINNLO MAXIMUM – the most important muscle groups for every Basketball player! The extremely high movement quality characterizes the Multi-Gym. That is the reason why the FT 1 is in our Gym room!"

Philipp Schwethelm (born on 1st of Mai, 1989) is part of the German national Basketball team and during the season 2012/13 under contract to the premier division Basketball team of ratiopharm Ulm. Wearing number 33, he stabilizes the team on the positions Shooting Guard and Small Forward. Among his great strengths is the perimeter shot.

Finnlo Philipp Schwethelm

Sebastian Betz

"I am able to train especially functional with the Bio Force Extreme Multi-Gym. Over 100 exercises are possible – thanks to the cable pulleys! The Bio Force is ideally suited to train every muscle fiber perfectly for the national league games!"

Sebastian Betz (born on 12th of June, 1985) is a German Basketball player, wearing number 7, position Small Forward, under contract to the premier division Basketball team of ratiopharm Ulm. His team has already secured German vice champion and third place of BekoBBL cup. The fans appreciate Sebastian Betz´s fighting nature and his irrepressible desire to get every ball.

Finnlo Sebastian Betz

Max Reinelt

"The rowing ergometer FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus has been developed with a close focus on the professional rowing boats: great fluidity of movements, comfortable seat ergonomics and compact foot spacing! Training with this rowing ergometer is so much fun and very efficient!”

Maximilian Reinelt (born on 24th of August, 1988) is a professional German rower. Together with his eight-men rowing team he became European champion, twice world champion and winner of the Olympic Games 2012. Max studies human medicine and trains at the rowing mainstay in Dortmund.

Finnlo Max Reinelt

Urs Käufer

"I do not have to train always on the water with the Aquon XTR Pro from FINNLO as I also can train effectively inside. Quality of movement and processing of the Aquon XTR Pro rower are perfect! Training with it is a lot of fun!"

Urs Käufer (born on 17th of November, 1984) is a professional German rower and multiple medal winner. Among others 2009 he became world champion with his eight-men rowing team, 2006 vice world champion with his four-men rowing team and he participated twice at the Olympic Games. The sport soldier lives in Dortmund and studies business psychology.

Finnlo Urs Käufer

Kathrin Lang

"Indoor-training on the Speedbike CRT from FINNLO is a lot of fun! I can feel the power and really push myself. Perfect saddle, handle and flywheel mass for regaining my endurance at home and attack again quickly at the Biathlon World Cup."

Kathrin Lang, née Hitzer (born on 3rd of September, 1986) is a successful German biathlete. After 8 victories in World Cups and 4 German championship titles, the charming athlete interrupted her career in 2012 and gave birth to a healthy daughter in August. After a short Baby time out, Kathrin Lang works hard in Ruhpolding for her comeback in the biathlon world leadership.

Finnlo Kathrin Lang

Celia Kuch

"As a triathlete I don´t only exercise outside - training sessions on the treadmill are an important part of my whole training plan. On the FINNLO MAXIMUM treadmill I am able to control exactly intensity, pulse and time – which are very important for my competition preparation. Quality and functionality of this treadmill are perfect for me!"

Celia Kuch (born on 31st of July, 1978) is a German long-distance triathlete (Ironman). During the challenge 2012 in Roth (European championship) she finished an outstanding twelfth overall. The graduate sports trainer has lived in New Zealand for a long time and has only been in the triathlon circus since 2009.

Finnlo Celia Kuch

Max Longrée

"I demand everything from my body and this applies also to my training equipment. I have to be able to rely on it 100 %. Reliable, solid and effective! Finally I found a training item which can fulfill my high requirements: the Speedbike CRT from FINNLO. Keep moving!"

Max Longrée (born on 19th of June, 1981) is a professional German triathlete and two-time Ironman winner. The strong runner lives in Essen whilst working as personal trainer at the same time. His trainer is his brother Sebastian, also an ambitious triathlete.

Finnlo Max Longree