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FINNLO Tricon back trainer

FINNLO Tricon back trainer

Back trainer Art.-Nr.: 3868

FINNLO Tricon back trainer

FINNLO’S TRICON is sure to give you a sculpted back and glutes, while alleviating intermediate posture-related back pains. The padded support can be raised and lowered to 12 different positions to ensure an ergonomic work-out and prevent a hunched back. Support handles help you mount the trainer and perform your work-out. The TRICON back trainer also folds down for easy storage.

Technical details

Label Finnlo by HAMMER
Training possibilities Back training
Buttock training
Weight 16 kg
Color black/silver
Max. body weight 130 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 112 x 51 x 92 cm
Folding dimension (L x W x H) 41 x 55 x 136 cm
Delivery time 1-3 Werktage

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