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FINNLO strength-training station Autark 6000

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FINNLO strength-training station Autark 6000

Strength-training station Art.-Nr.: 3940

FINNLO strength-training station Autark 6000

The multifunctional "studio-quality" exercise tower and "strength-turbo" for professional fitness and strength-training at home. Includes leg extensor/extender function, separate butterfly unit and a 160° rotatable and height-adjustable roller system to efficiently work your muscles.

With the new multi-station Autark 6000 from FINNLO you can effectively work all your large muscle groups at home with professional, fitness studio-quality equipment. The strength-training station also comes with a separate butterfly unit that has multiple adjustment options. This gives you more than enough freedom of movement even when rowing and doing bench presses. Turnable handles that ensure a perfect sequence of movement are also provided.
The strength-training station comes with a 100kg weight block that is broken down into 18 five-kilo weight plates. The station even allows advanced bodybuilders to perfectly build up and define their entire body. Female problem zones are tightened, and men build up attractive muscles.

  • Broad, muscular V-shape
  • Strong, defined shoulders
  • Muscular upper arms
  • Six-pack and defined ab muscles
  • Health-oriented training of the back extensor
  • Tightening of the chest
  • Strong back
  • Toning of the shoulders
  • Toning/ definition of the arms
  • Toning / definition of the legs

The FINNLO Autark 6000 strength-training station offers a variety of exercises for each muscle group as well as professional equipment and adjustment options that make the strength-training station a real alternative to the gym.

The most important product information:

  • Resistance system with weight plates (100kg, 18 five-kilo weight plates)
  • Maximum tensile resistance of 110kg
  • Professional leg extensor/extender function with quick adjustment
  • Lateral, 160° rotatable and height-adjustable roller system
  • Comfortable seat can be adjusted vertically
  • Ball bearing mounted cable pull rollers for smooth and easy workouts
  • Separate butterfly unit and separate bench press unit
  • Professional studio accessories: wide, partially cushioned latissimus rod, tricep cable and high-quality hand straps
  • Exercises: Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg bends, rowing, tricep press, crunches.
  • Dimensions when set up: (LxWxH) cm: 193x215x223
  • Space requirements: (LxWxH) cm: 235x350x223
  • Max. permissible body weight: 120 kg
  • Color: anthracite/black

Technical details

Label Finnlo by HAMMER
Features / Additional Equipment Bilateral exercise options thanks to lateral cable module (cable tower): 160° rotatable and height-adjustable roller system for max. workout variations
Comfortable ergonomic cushion including vertical adjustments
100kg weight block
Ball bearing mounted rollers
Steel pipe frame
Leg curl with leg extensor function for perfect leg workouts
Weight block 100 kg (20 Platten à 5 kg)
Max. resistance 100 kg
Upgradable with additional weights
Adjustable leg raise
Multiple adjustable back rest
Seat adjustable
Bench press
Biceps curl
Reversed leg raises
Leg curl
Leg raise
Abdominal pull
Back pull
Neck press
Lat pull
Sidewise tensile
Leg press
Triceps rope
Training possibilities Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull, leg raise, ab exercises, bilateral workout on tower
Weight 261.5 kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 190 x 200 x 223 cm
Delivery time 6-8 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)

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