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FINNLO fitness equipment will win you over with innovative technology and quality

By always employing new innovations, FINNLO sets key standards. Numerous utility patents are a testament to FINNLO's ability to adapt to the fitness market and address the needs of customers. When designing new fitness products, the company's emphasis is on quality, ergonomics, innovation and the latest computer technology.

The development of FINNLO fitness equipment, from design concept all the way to prototype, takes place at the company headquarters in Neu-Ulm. Branch offices coordinate the manufacturing and quality assurance of products. The precision of electromagnetic brakes as well as the perfected mechanics and ball bearing technology make FINNLO fitness products unbeatable.

Finnlo Technologie

Computer technology

Our computer technology ensures extremely precise resistance control on elliptical trainers and stationary bikes. To receive class A certification, all FINNLO fitness equipment offers the highest standard of computer control compliant with DIN EN 957. This gives our customers the assurance that they are working out according to standardized guidelines.

Finnlo Technologie

Quality and ergonomics

The high standard of quality in FINNLO products is reflected in their durability, excellent workmanship and design incorporating professional-grade ergonomics. The short distance between pedals on our ergometers and elliptical trainers facilitates an especially natural motion sequence. Saddles and handlebars can be quickly adjusted to fit a wide range of bodies and positions.

Short distance between pedals ensures optimal workout ergonomics and results. The low mounting position is especially ideal for older athletes.

Finnlo Technologie BioForce


The ongoing refinement of product technology reassures our customers that by choosing FINNLO and FINNLO MAXIMUM they went with one of the world's best providers of health-oriented fitness equipment. We have been developing ideas for new products for over 100 years. Numerous patents and new developments are a testament to the company's innovation.

FINNLO BIO FORCE – the first multi gym that uses noiseless TNT resistance technology instead of weights.

You'll find these technologies in FINNLO products

Rower Aquon Pro

Resistance adjustment directly on the handlebar

Unlike the FINNLO Aquon Pro, the FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus offers you the possibility to change resistance quickly and easily on the handlebar. The intensity is conveniently adjusted without letting go of the handlebar, and without interrupting your workout.

FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Pro Plus

Finnlo Maximum M3-bilateral

Bilateral Exercise

Asymmetries between each side of the body are very common and everyone has them. But these asymmetries should not become too distinct; otherwise joint cartilage can be blocked. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended to include bilateral exercises in each workout plan.

Bilateral exercise incorporates both sides of the body; for example, the left and right arm are alternately used. This style of exercise greatly improves coordination and equals out muscular imbalance (asymmetry). One-sided imbalances often occur in sports like golf or tennis, or by simply wearing a handbag or backpack on a certain shoulder. This causes more strain one side of the body than the other. Muscular imbalance can also develop after an injury, when one side is favored or used less.

The benefits of bilateral exercise:

  • Improved coordination
  • Balancing of muscular asymmetry
  • Injury prevention
  • Improvement of deep muscles
This form of exercise can be done easily on the following pieces of equipment, which also offer these additional benefits:

FINNLO by HAMMER Bio Force Extreme

Finnlo Technum USB

Tablet and Smartphone holder with USB charging port

Besides sophisticated technology systems, our products have practical features as well. Take for instance the Alpine Treadmill's tablet and smartphone holder, which doubles as a storage space. Use your workout time to recharge your device by connecting to the USB port.

The following pieces of equipment from our product line come with the new holder and USB port:

FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Alpine
FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer E3000

Finnlo Technologie BioForce TNT

Smart Lock Technology

Change weights in 4kg steps quickly and easily using the intelligent Smart Lock System. Turn the handle, adjust the weight, and you're finished! The desired weight is set on both sides of the bar, using only one hand!

Patented and innovative technology paired with unique design. The FINNLO by HAMMER Smart Lock Barbells are the eye-catcher of your home gym. Forget wasting time changing weights, searching for the right storage place for weight plates, and taking up unnecessary space- the Smart Lock System puts an end to these inconveniences. The Smart Lock Barbells can be found here: Smart Lock Dumbbell-Set

Finnlo Technologie BioForce TNT

TNT nitrogen technology

Instead of weights, strength-training stations with TNT nitrogen technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) use nitrogen-filled cylinders to generate resistance. These sealed cylinders house a moveable piston rod that provides light to strong compression according to the resistance selected. This results in a noiseless, jerk-free and especially symmetrical training resistance, making it perfect for training in apartments or at night. TNT technology is found in FINNLO BIO FORCE and FINNLO BIO FORCE EXTREME.

In BIO FORCE, two nitrogen cylinders replace heavy conventional weight stacks.

Stressless computer technology

Cardio equipment featuring Stressless computers are perfectly tailored to the needs of fitness athletes looking for intuitive operation. The advantage of the Stressless computer: One button = one function! This makes the computer child's play to operate and a user manual a thing of the past. All of the important workout data can be viewed at a glance on the high-quality blue backlight display. Individual categories of information can be easily selected at the turn of a wheel. Stressless technology is integrated in selected elliptical trainers as well as stationary bikes and recumbent bikes such as the VARON STRESSLESS.

The innovative computers on FINNLO Stressless models ensure ease of operation and health-oriented functions.

Finnlo Technologie Stressless Computer

Using the generator principle to provide power

Cardio equipment designed around the generator principle work without batteries or other power sources, getting all of the energy they need from a built-in generator. The training computer, fan and electromagnetic brake are supplied solely by the energy generated during exercise. This allows the athlete to work out anywhere, independently of power sources, while conserving the Earth's resources. The generator principle was successfully integrated in selected elliptical trainers and ergometers such as the FINNLO MAXIMUM ERGOMETER from the FINNLO MAXIMUM product line.

Double transmission system

The double transmission system doubles flywheel rotation in elliptical trainers and combines the classic movement of an elliptical trainer with the drive of a professional indoor cycle. The result is a high-intensity workout, i.e. a workout with low resistance yet high RPM that burns up to 25% more calories than conventional elliptical trainers. The Speed-Ellipsentrainer SPIRIT from the FINNLO MAXIMUM product line is equipped with the double transmission system.

Double Transmission System
Finnlo Technologie Kugellager

Hi-tech self-aligning ball bearings

The high-tech self-aligning ball bearings in FINNLO elliptical trainers facilitate perfect mechanical function and smooth interaction between flywheel and elliptical arms. All swivel joints are equipped with double ball bearings, making the design especially durable and ensuring smooth rotation.