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INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift

INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift

Multi-gym Art.-Nr.: 3550

INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift

Highly efficient and with little noise – resistance training with your own body weight

The INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift offers sophisticated resistance technology and a wide range of capabilities. In contrast to conventional multi gyms, the Multi Gym Bodylift doesn’t use weight stacks, but rather an innovative load arm to adjust the desired weight.

The weight is set by using a one-handed slide. Your own body weight is used as resistance. A unique set of levers determines the percentage of body weight used as resistance for your selected exercise. A load of up to 150% of your own body weight is possible. The machine’s range of motion is very proficient and almost inaudible, finally making it possible to do strength training in rented apartments. Now you don’t have to constantly adjust the resistance or listen to the sound of weight stacks crashing against each other!

The back rest and comfortable seat are also adaptable to the user’s liking. You are guaranteed to find your optimal training position by altering the seat height or back angle. There are endless exercise possibilities which allow you to change up your workouts, ensuring that you never get bored. On top of all this, the INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift is extremely compact and space saving. The multi gym weighs just 95 kg, making it considerably easier to move throughout the home than ordinary multi gyms.

Endless exercises on the Inspire by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift:

  • Butterfly (pectoral muscles)
  • Thigh muscles, front and back side(leg extensions and curls)
  • Bicep curls/tricep extensions (multiple variations, respectively)
  • Rowing (upper back)
  • Lat pulldowns (wider back muscles)
  • Shoulder press (multiple variations)
  • Bench press (multiple variations)

Achieve these goals with the BL1 Bodylift:

  • A defined upper body, muscular arms, a wide V-cut and a defined six pack
  • Fully trained and defined leg muscles; things, glutes, and calves
  • Weight training for all; for overall health or high performance
  • Back training for all; for overall health or for building up the back muscles
  • Fast weight training

The INSPIRE by HAMMER Multi Gym BL1 Bodylift is the only weight training machine with little to no sound. It allows for a varied and challenging workout for the entire musculature of the body, while taking up very little space. It is the perfect choice for your weight training at home. Because this multi gym has completely gotten rid of weight stacks and guide bars, you are left with an extraordinary result- an incredibly smooth and quiet range of motion. Totally silent and yet extremely intense weight training- that’s what you can expect from Bodylift!

Technical details

Label Inspire by HAMMER
Features / Additional Equipment Professional "Studio" training tower for your home with over 30 exercises for all main muscle groups
Own body weight is used as resistance
Ergonomic comfort cushion multiple adjustable (vertically)
Lifting height during workout max. 220 cm
Cable rollers with ball bearings for smooth and easy training
Weight block
Max. resistance 150% vom Körpergewicht
Maximum load 150% vom Körpergewicht
Adjustable leg raise
Multiple adjustable back rest
Seat adjustable
Bench press
Biceps curl
Reversed leg raises
Leg curl
Leg raise
Abdominal pull
Back pull
Neck press
Lat pull
Sidewise tensile
Leg press
Triceps rope
Training possibilities Bankdrücken, Butterfly, Nackendrücken, Bizepscurl, Latissimussziehen, Rudern,Trizepsdrücken/-ziehen,Frontziehen, Frontheben,Seitheben, Beinstrecker, Beinbeuger
Weight 95 kg
Color anthracite/black
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 140 x 110 x 203 cm
Delivery time 6-8 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)

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