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Indoor cycling / Speedbikes

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Indoor cycling / Speedbikes

If you are really looking to open it up, then indoor cycling is just right for you. High resistance and cadences make indoor cycling very intense and burn a lot of calories. While everything about an indoor cycle is designed for speed and power, they still provide an effective cardio workout if set to the right resistance. Indoor cycling is usually a fixture of the gym, but it works just as well in your own home and is a great option for cyclists who want to stay fit throughout the winter.

On an indoor cycle, power is transferred via a chain or a toothed belt to flywheel, facilitating especially direct power transmission. For braking, special felt brake pads engage the flywheel. Braking force can be manually adjusted via a knob. Indoor cycles tend to have rather minimalist training computers. For riders looking for lots of programs and greater comfort, stationary bike ergometers are a better option.