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FINNLO abdominal training AB-Strap

FINNLO abdominal training AB-Strap

Accessoire multi-gym Art.-Nr.: 3818

FINNLO abdominal training AB-Strap

If you're looking to add more variety to your workouts on FINNLO and HAMMER multi-gyms, then look no further than the AB-Strap. This handy accessory is made of nylon and easily attaches to the integrated cable rings. The Ab-Strap's integrated shoulder harness provides optimal power transmission, while the functional handles ensure a firm grip.

In addition to facilitating comprehensive abdominal training, the AB-Strap can be attached to different tension cables for intensive training of your abs, arms, shoulders and legs. Exercise variants such as straight and oblique seated crunches, lunges and triceps pulls round out the rich assortment of workouts possible on multi-gyms. This is ideal for advanced users looking to add even more individually tailored exercises to their strength training at home.

It's a small but powerful tool! The AB-Strap abdominal trainer's small size makes it easy to store, while its ingenious design makes it highly versatile. The AB-Strap provides maximum effectiveness and gives all strength trainers a major added benefit.

Technical details

Label Finnlo by HAMMER
Features / Additional Equipment Robust multifunction tool giving you even more variety on the Bio Force multi-gym.
2 D-rings for attaching to tension cables
2 handles
Shoulder harness for optimal power transfer
High-quality stitching
Abdominal pull
Weight 1 kg
Delivery time 1-3 Werktage

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