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Multi-gyms are great especially for beginners, since unlike free weights, they require less coordination and prevent harmful incorrect positions. They are also the right fit for athletes who want to get it right. Multi-gyms are also a great way to tone your whole body. Depending on their features, multi-gyms offer loads of exercises and variants, making them ideal for the family and for strength-training and conditioning for other types of sports.

Technical details:

FINNLO multi-gyms are very stable and guarantee a safe strength training at home. Depending on the equipment of the multi-gym also the technical data vary and will not be described in detail here.

TNT-resistance technology:

The BioForce multi-gyms work with special nitrogen cylinders instead of traditional weight plates to regulate the resistance. These cylinders are lighter, completely noise-less and work even in the universe. Additional the resistance can be adjusted manually on each side/per body side in order to reduce possible muscle deficits.