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Multi-gym Art.-Nr.: 3552


Power station and "boot camp" for the home, use in hotels, athletic clubs or wellness centers

Cable pulling workouts perfected! Compact and professional multi-gym with two independent pulling towers. Perfect for "functional training" - the new fitness trend with maximum range of motion. 2 x 75 kg weight stacks, professional accessories and studio-grade chin-up station.

Perfect body tower for more intense training at home or for use in hotels, athletic clubs or wellness centers. Ideal for freestyle strength-training exercise or sport-specific conditioning. "Functional training", the new catch word for when you want intense muscle stimulation for achieving results fast. The two independent cable-pulling towers can be adjusted individually. Quick adjustment and single-hand action allow you to quickly change weight while exercising - making it perfect for supersets!

The INSPIRE by HAMMER HOME GYM FT1 can help you reach the following goals:

  • Men: Broad, muscular V-shaped torso
    Women: Strong back
  • Men: Powerful, defined shoulders
    Women: Toned shoulders
  • Men: Muscular arms
    Women: Toned/defined arms
  • Well conditioned, muscular legs
    Women: Toned/defined legs
  • Flat six-pack abs and defined chest

INSPIRE by HAMMER HOME GYM FT1 – equipment and exercises

The INSPIRE by HAMMER FT1 offers loads of exercises for each muscle group and features professional-grade equipment and adjustment options that make the multi-gym a true health club alternative (it's also perfect for people taller than 2 meters):

  • Up to 50 different professional-grade exercises for all major muscle groups
  • Types of exercises: Butterflies, bench presses, lat pull-downs, leg curls, leg extensions, rowing, triceps presses and pull-downs, crunches, cable pulling, shoulder pulls and lots more!

Cable-pulling station

  • 2 separate cable-pulling stations each with 75 kg weight stacks
  • Quick adjustment and single-hand action
  • Weights encased in Plexiglass
  • Cable pulleys with ball bearings for smooth and jerk-free movement
  • Chin-up bar
  • Storage hooks for accessories and training manual


  • Separately adjustable flat/inclined bench with pedal-activated adjustment for backrest
  • Backrest with positive and negative incline angle(s)
  • Comfort seat with adjustable pitch
  • Transport rollers and handle make it a breeze to move.

Technical details

Label Inspire by HAMMER
Features / Additional Equipment Multi-Gym incl. weight bench
2 height adjustable, independent cable pull modules –adjustable with only one hand
Less floor space needed due to triangle form
Rotating accessory compartment
Studio-typical chin-up bar
Weight block 2x 75kg
Max. resistance 136 kg
Maximum of usable weight 2x 96kg
Upgradable with additional weights
Bars and weights included
Barbell bar Ja: spezielle Langhantelstange zum Einhaken
Bench press
Biceps curl
Reversed leg raises
Leg curl
Leg raise
Abdominal pull
Back pull
Neck press
Lat pull
Sidewise tensile
Leg press
Triceps rope
Training possibilities Bench press, back pull, leg curl, arm curl, squat, rowing, triceps press, pull ups, leg raise
Weight 284 kg
Color black
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 120 x 137 x 207 cm (required space: 200 x 220 x 210 cm)
Delivery time 6-8 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)

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